I lost my last beloved dog, Brandy 16 years ago. It was so painful that I just could not  look at other dogs.

When I finally started to feel OK to think about getting a dog, we heard of this 6 month old pitch black puppy.  We were told he has been abused. One of the rescue groups we were in touch told us that they would rescue the dog from the owner’s backyard. One summer day, we were informed to come to a house in east Vancouver.  A big furry black dog jumped up and down, welcomed us with such a joy. It’s so big! I thought. It looked so happy that I didn’t see any sign of abuse.  I guess I was expecting some nervous looking, furious, gloomy, timid looking puppy.  Rather amazingly, he was a happy, jolly, innocent boy. When we started living together, however, we noticed some strange behavior. He was scared of some odd things like floor joints, and often became frozen, could not walk over them.  He had no evidence of being toilet trained.  We decided to change his name from Uno to Kuma so that he could start a new life, disconnect himself from whatever old life he had.

15 years forward…..

He was going to be 16 years old in just 3 more months, but was getting frail day by day.  And, he departed to heaven yesterday, August 6, 2016.  He gave us so much love and joy for 15 long years, many many happy memories. Now, I’m left with this huge emptiness in my heart, don’t know what to do with this teary hole.


Author: Haruyo Abramson

I'm a musician, mom, and grandma, living in BC, Canada with my husband and three dogs.

4 thoughts on “Kuma

  1. Dearest Haruyo,I couldn’t respond on the pocoapoccowith a smile site but I have to tell you how very sorry I am . You have lost a much beloved friend and the hurt is raw. His memory will live with you in sadness but also in thoughts of fun and delight. What a grand relationship you and Kuma had. I am keeping you close in my heart.



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  2. Dear dear Haruyo,
    I’m so sorry that you have lost your good friend Kumo. I’ve never had a pet, so I can’t say I know what those feelings are. I will hold you near my heart in the coming weeks as your remember your beloved dog and the great times you had with him.

    much love,


    • Thank you so so much, Ginger. It’s been two weeks now and my feeling is a changing a little bit. I think I’m more accepting the fact Kuma is not with me, physically, any more. I am very grateful that he came to my life and gave me so much happiness and love.


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