Why blog now? 

I’m in my late 50’s.  Although there are so many things I want to do, my brain cannot keep up, can’t think of the right  words, my vision is worse…. not very hopeful.

I went to London, Ontario in July.  One night, at a pub, an organist named Richard recommended that I take RCCO exams.

“Oh no, no way… the exams involve improvisation which I have never done and can never do… just beyond me”, I said.

“You just have to work on it little by little everyday.  Even such a little progress a day, if you keep at it everyday, you would be good some day.  Look at babies.  Nobody could walk just in overnight.  We all practiced walking little by little. ”

Ever since, his words have been ringing in my head.

Yes, he is right.  Little by little… when you think of it, that’s what I have been doing for most things for all my life.  Why can’t I continue doing it, even my brain wouldn’t keep up like it used to…even when it seems totally out of reach?  Little at a time, little by little “poco a poco” and enjoy doing it “with smile”

That’s why I decided to blog.  Largely for myself, reflecting my life, reminding me of my goals, and encouraging myself; and also, for communication with my family and friends whom I love.




そう、少しずつ少しずつ、やっていけばいいんだ。。。考えてみればそうやって今までだってやって来たんじゃないか。これからだって、頭が錆び付いてきても、少しずつ少しずつ努力していけばいいんだ。。。そう思った。少しずつ少しずつ、poco a poco (イタリア語)楽しみながらwith smile!



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