Generation Change 世代の交代

Neil is having a hernia surgery in the spring.  Today was the day he had a long over-due appointment with his surgeon. After the snow storm we had last night, the roads in Vancouver were not looking promising.  Neil looked a bit worried.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

His “Yes!” came right away.

“Oh my… really?” rolling my eyes, I said to myself, “Well, we do need to support each other as we get older, don’t we?”

So, we woke up at 5AM, got in the car together, and head to the Vancouver General Hospital.

On the way in the passenger seat, I was thinking about my mom and dad.  I remember they used to go together to the big hospital, St. Luke’s International Hospital in downtown Tokyo, that took them over an hour by train from their house.  Whenever I got back in Tokyo visiting my parents, I happily accompanied them taking trains together chatting all the way to the hospital, sat with the doctor taking notes, picked up their medications from the pharmacy…..then, the part I really looked forward to… went for lunch near the famous Tsukiji fish market, sushi with super fresh, shiny, firm sashimi.

When my dad was still working, I don’t think I’d seen him accompanying mom to the hospital.  Retirement brought him some joyous, relaxing time together for even such an ordinary event as going to see the doctor.

I felt shocked to realize that Neil and I have now entered that same era as my parents…!!

When I was deeply involved in school management at Harbourside College, I used to be engaged in multi-tasking roles, shifting back and forth from this and that; my brain was acute; and certainly, the world was revolving around me.  I was in the centre of everything.  Those days were not long ago, it seems.  However, when I think of it, I was only in my 30s, and, that is actually the current age of my children!!  Isn’t time sneaky? It somehow changed generations without me noticing….silently but swiftly, yet cunningly naturally.

So, Neil and I went to the hospital today, and sat with the doctor together. I waited while he had a couple of tests, and then, we went for a delicious sushi lunch….just like my parents.