Texada Island for me 私にとってのタクセーダ島(1)

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In between mainland Vancouver and Vancouver Island, there are many beautiful islands. Amongst them Texada Island is the largest one. It is big, but most of the island is crown land covered by deep forests. People reside in small areas in the northeastern and western parts of the island. The total population is about 1000 people.

The first time we ever visited this island was when we came to see our acquaintance John who lived and worked on the island as post master. We camped at the Shelter Point Park, a beautiful camp ground on the west side of the island. If I remember it right, it was the summer of 2004. Taking three ferries from Vancouver, I was excited to have arrived at such a remote place; surprised to see so many deer everywhere; amazed how quiet and peaceful it was. The nights were ink dark and the big sky was filled packed by an infinite number of stars.

When I was a child, my grandma took me to her hometown called Urushiyama in Hyogo prefecture of Japan. There was a huge black cow which did all the hard work in the fields of the farm. I remember I was so scared of it. I used to run as fast as I could with my eyes shut to the other side of the cow hut. Walking to the field with my grandma and picking a ripe big watermelon, then kicking and rolling it gently all the way to the house is also a precious memory from my childhood….. I don’t know why, but there is something on Texada Island that brings me back those memories. Although Texada is not anything like rural Japan….

After camping two nights Neil and I sat on a bench overlooking Pacific Ocean, listening to birds singing, sinking ourselves in the blues of sky and water, we talked about having our cottage on this magical island.

And it’s been 14 years. We have been coming to Texada Island a few times a year. Vancouver’s last 14 years was amazing. It experienced enormous change like a raging wave, at least that’s how I feel. Ballooning population and subsequent traffic volume and noise increase, surging real estate values…. Our personal life has changed dramatically as well. My career change, our move to Lions Bay, becoming empty nesters, birth of our grandchildren, and our retirement…. Compared to that, the change at Texada Island was gentle. So many deer as always, friendly islanders, and perhaps more tourist visitors….an effect of social network media? Our then acquaintances, John and Susan, became our Texada family. In 14 years most of us, except John, added few pounds and white stuff on our heads, but people’s smiles, as always, are still making me happy.

Right after we built our cottage, I brought back a little willow volunteer shoot from my parents’ house in Tokyo. The willow was something my mother loved so much. I planted it at the trellis in front of the cottage 13 years ago. For all these years it was barely alive, never grew, and I thought it would die any time. I had almost given up, thinking it just couldn’t adopt to the new climate. Surprisingly this year, I found it grew about a meter bigger just ready to climb up the trellis. Wow….I wished I could show it to my mother. Sad that she has passed on 6 years ago….May her wisteria keep growing and give us joy of beautiful flowers some time soon….







Author: Haruyo Abramson

I'm a musician, mom, and grandma, living in BC, Canada with my husband and three dogs.

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