Miracle 奇跡

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Yesterday was an amazing day.  In the afternoon, I went to do healing touch for Ms. J who was having a surgery in few days.  When I arrived, there was a woman friend of Ms. J who somehow looked very familiar.  She said “Long time no see, Haruyo” and spoke to me like an old friend.  Although I was responding in the same manner, I kept on thinking…. where did I meet her? She looks so familiar. I must know her from somewhere… Gradually, my memory started to come back.  She could be the wife of my former boss…, but she looks completely different from before.  She used to be a very sharp assertive looking person, but now such a gentle and soft looking woman….

My former boss R was diagnosed as having ALS 12 years ago, and he retired at his early 50s.  For a while we kept in touch meeting for coffee or lunch.  We gradually lost in touch after I had my career change.  I never saw him the last ten years.  The only thread was that I kept on sending my Christmas letter to him once a year.  I thought of him often and hoped he was alright.  ALS is a disease that the muscle starts to deteriorate little by little and soon or later lose capability of breathing and die.  It’s been so long since he had the diagnosis… he must be bound to bed by now…   I just didn’t have the courage to phone him.

Few weeks ago, I was talking about him to my friend A who is a minister.  He said, “Without exception people who have ALS are feeling so lonely as their disease progresses. They suffer the feeling of abandonment as people around them stop talking to them. You should call him.”  “But…what would I say to him? I can’t say ‘how are you?’ It would sound so phony.  It’s like asking how much his disease has progressed.  I don’t want him to think that I am curious about his disease, or I am waiting for him to get worse or die….” I mumbled.  “Ah, Haruyo, you are worrying about your appearance,” A said.  “If you could get over that, and if you could worry about R first, then you must call him right away.”

His words stabbed my heart.  He was right.  I was worried about how people would think of me….by calling him and asking how he was. I was putting my appearance over his suffering. How fool was I…   Yet, I could not actually phone him, and everyday I was promising myself to phone him the next day.

And now, R’s wife is here with me, doing healing touch with me for this lady who is having a surgery this week.  She said to me, “R is in the library reading.  He is waiting for me.  Why don’t you go and surprise him?”

So I did.  I saw him after 10 years.  I was so happy to see him looking so well.  I had no problem saying, “You look so well.  What happened to your ALS?”  R said, “ it’s been 12 years since the diagnosis.  The disease seems to have just stopped.  I’m having a normal life.  The doctor thinks it’s a miracle.”  Yes, what a miracle…..!!

What a blessing… and, thank you A!!!








Author: Haruyo Abramson

I'm a musician, mom, and grandma, living in BC, Canada with my husband and three dogs.

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