Kuma went missing クマが行方不明に

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A big shock!   Kuma went missing.

We went to Ambleside park yesterday evening.  We have been going to this park for 14 years with my old dog Kuma.  He knows every grass, every stone, just everything in this park.  He even has his own route to walk in this park.  So we walked as usual, enjoying the beautiful sky, blue ocean, and Kuma walking slowly behind us.  

And, when we turned around, he was gone, nowhere to be seen.

We started calling, “Kuuumaaa, Kuuuumaaa~”

A stranger woman came to us saying, “Are you looking for a black big furry dog?”  She said somebody took him to the SPCA thinking he was lost.  What? in such a short time? He was out of our sight for less than 10 minutes…

So I hurried to the SPCA running, and Neil put other dogs in the car and followed.

Kuma was there, just outside the building with a young guy.  

When the guy saw me coming, he said, “Do you work at SPCA?”

I said, “No, but he is my dog.”  The guy looked relieved, smiled shyly, and said, “Oh, he? I thought he was a girl.”

I said, “Thank you so much for being so kind to my dog.  Thank you so much for worrying and taking good care of him.”

He smiled and left.  

Neil arrived at the scene and was barking madly in the car.  “Which guy stole our Kuma?!”

“No, he didn’t steal Kuma.  He was just kind.” I tried to calm him down, but no effect.

びっくり! クマが消えたの。








「ちがうちがう、その犬、私の犬なの。」He is my dog と言った私の言葉を聞いて「He? 男の子なの?女の子かと思った」といってほっとした表情を見せてはにかんだ。





IMG_2599 IMG_2942



Author: Haruyo Abramson

I'm a musician, mom, and grandma, living in BC, Canada with my husband and three dogs.

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